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While the Circuit Breaker has helped Singapore limit the spread of COVID-19, the road to recovery is still an unprecedented challenge. With more safe management regulations set in place, the nation has resumed operations of more social and economical activities in a bid to adjust and adapt to the new normal.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has permitted the resumption of the full range of services (including dental implant treatments) in all dental clinics. At The Dental Implant Centre (TDIC), we value the safety of all our patients, staff, and their families. Hence, we have implemented enhanced precautionary measures in accordance with directives from the Singapore Dental Association (SDA) and MOH to stem the spread of COVID-19 in Singapore. 

Here are a few measures that you can expect in our clinic:

  • We will continue to reinforce strict infection control practices. All visitors and patients will be provided with hand sanitiser for hand rubs pre and post-treatment. A mandatory downtime of 15 minutes between patients is implemented to ensure sufficient time for proper disinfection of our surgery rooms after use. Masks are to be worn at all times in the clinic by all visitors and staff.
  • All clinic and dental group staff are equipped with full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when attending to all patients. 
  • Patients will be provided with a one-minute mouth rinse before starting any dental procedure. Our clinic is using ORASYL Orange Clinical mouthwash, a professional oral health mouth rinse formulated with 1% Povidone-Iodine (contains antiviral and antibacterial properties). 
  • All visitors to the clinic are required to log their visit on SafeEntry. SafeEntry is a national digital check-in system that logs the entry and exit at venues. We seek your cooperation to record your arrival and departure times to facilitate contact tracing. In addition, you will be asked to complete a health and travel declaration form on arrival. 
  • We will only attend to patients by appointments to maintain safe distancing between dental implant procedures. We seek your understanding and cooperation to keep to your scheduled appointments to prevent crowded waiting areas.
  • Patients should be limited to one accompanying visitor when visiting the dental clinic. This is to minimise potential cross infections between patients and visitors of different households.
  • Our clinic will provide greater consideration and care to visitors of vulnerable groups. People belonging to vulnerable groups include people aged 60 and over, those with underlying health conditions and pregnant women. 

We can overcome this pandemic together as long as we remain cooperative, socially responsible, and resilient. We seek your full cooperation with the above measures so that we can overcome this adversity together as one. 

As we only attend to patients by appointment, we encourage you to pre-book an appointment via our hotline at 6833 4353 in advance. 

Let us stay safe and overcome COVID-19 together.