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All on 4 / Teeth in a Day

This is the pinnacle of dental implant treatments

Multiple Teeth Implants - All On 4 Singapore

Patients with no teeth or failing teeth can now have the option of having a new smile with the scientifically proven All-On-4 dental implant technique developed by Dr Paulo Malo. 

Specific protocols available allows the The Dental Implant Centre to expedite and  complete treatment with limited discomfort. These were recorded in the cases we have treated, along with a global success rate of 98% since the implementation of the technique in 2004 under Dr Paulo Malo’s tutelage. 

The All-On-4 implant technique employed by the centre allows for the removal of failing teeth, placement of the implant and the building of provisional prosthesis in a single session. The process is down while patients are sedated to minimise on discomfort.

The final long-term bridges that will replace the temporary bridges placed during surgery are fitted about 4-6 months later. A detailed investigation of a patient’s  needs and desires through consultation will be conducted so that our team of professional such as our laboratory technicians and nurses will assist the surgeons will work towards the ideal outcome. 

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