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The Dental Implant Centre

A Centre for Comprehensive Corporate Dentistry and Dental implants in Singapore for Expats

About The Dental Implant Centre For Expats

The Dental Implant Centre aims to provide affordable, accessible, and personalised Dental Implants for expats of all ages in a comfortable and clean environment. Our team of dentists and staff are deeply committed to delivering a high-quality dental experience to expats through our professional standards, variety of dental implant systems, In-house dental Laboratory and Computer Guided Dental Implant Surgery.


We are committed to provide comprehensive dental care at competitive rates

Experienced Dentists

Our dentists ensure that appropriate treatment plans are provided with your best interest in mind.

Central Location

Located in the hub of Singapore's Central Business District. 

Computer Guided Surgery

Computer guided implant surgery is employed for the enhancement of safety and precision during dental surgical procedures.

Our Treatment Process

Dental Implants are considered as a permanent solution for a patient’s oral rehabilitation journey. They are used to replace missing, failing teeth or replace non-permanent teeth replacement options such as dentures. Such specialised treatment must be done carefully with extreme care. At The Dental Implant Centre, our use of modern digital equipment and materials contribute to the projected outcome and safety of the treatment, in addition to the care undertaken by our team of dedicated dental surgeons and friendly support staff.

Initial Consultation & Treatment Plan

X-rays, 3D Imaging Modelling and detailed examination will be conducted by our surgeons. Discussion on the treatment plan will be provided to on the duration for treatment, the treatment process and post treatment requirements.

Implant Procedure

The implant procedure is performed while the patient is under general anaesthesia. Careful incisions are made in the gums to allow for the gentle insertion of titanium implants into the jawbone. Temporary crown will be fabricated to be placed for aesthetic and functional purpose.

Placement of Your New Crowns

Surgeons will be working with skilled craftsmen at our laboratory to create new, bespoke implant prosthesis while the patients heal after their initial surgery. Once the prosthesis is fitted, a review with our surgeon is arranged to ensure that the outcome is exactly as desired by the patient.

Our Doctors

The Dental Implant Centre’s team of Dentists and Nurses are experienced and talented dental professionals working in Singapore.

Dr Samintharaj Kumar

BDS (Singapore)
Clinical Director & Dental Surgeon

Dr Surinder Arora

BDS (United Kingdom)
General Dentist

Our Treatments

Known for the provision of end to end dental services that cater to all needs, The Dental Implant Centre is committed to provide a wide array of Dental Implant solutions to suit all patient needs. While many clinics may only use a single implant system, here, we believe in choosing the dental implant system that best suits our patients' needs.

Same Day Implants

It is possible to place an implant into an extraction socket immediately after tooth removal. The most common site for such a procedure will be near the front of the mouth where a single tooth or multiple teeth can be replaced at once.

Single Tooth Dental Implant

Replacing a missing or failing tooth with a single tooth implant has great benefits over the alternative options of a bridge or denture.

Multiple Teeth Dental Implants

Multiple Teeth Implants that are long term solution for teeth that look, feel and function just like natural teeth

All On 4 Implants

Patients with no teeth or failing teeth can now have the option of having a new smile with the scientifically proven All-On-4 / Teeth in a Day Implant Technique invented by Professor Paulo Malo.

Metal Free Implants

ZERAMEX Ceramic Implants are available for discerning patients who do not want traditional dental implants made of titanium. This Implant is made of Zirconia and a specially designed carbon screw is used to attach a custom Zirconia Crown to the Implant.

Gum Recession Treatment

The CHAO Pinhole® Surgical Technique / Gum Rejuvenation® is a minimally invasive procedure that requires no incisions and no suturing. It is an efficient treatment that has a minimum downtime. Most patients resume normal activities shortly after their procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dental implants painful?
  • With proper pain management, most implant surgeries are pain free. 
  • The surgeons at The Dental Implant Centre will discuss the best suited option with the patients during the assessment stage of the patient journey. 
  • Nervous patients will have the option of oral, IV sedation and General Anaesthesia to help them cope with their anxiety. 
  • Patients are advised to consume antibiotics and painkillers as prescribed by their surgeons, so that they are kept comfortable post treatment.
Are Dental Implants safe?
  • Dental Implants procedures have been performed for the last 50 years This procedure is considered a safe tooth replacement method for people with missing or failing teeth.
  • Patients who are in good health will find success with this tooth replacement method of treatment when the procedure is performed by a suitably qualified professional.
Can Dental Implants really be done in One Day?
  • It is possible to place an implant into an extraction socket immediately after tooth removal. Much retrospective and prospective research has been carried out and is accepted as a safe clinical procedure.
  • A temporary crown can be fabricated at the time of the extraction for immediate attachment onto the implant to provide a finished look for functional and aesthetic purposes.
When do you require Dental Implants?

Implant will be suitable for patients if:

  • they have one or more missing teeth.
  • their jawbone has reached the full growth potential.
  • they have adequate bone to secure the implant. 
  • if they are able to undergo bone graft treatment.
What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

The benefits to dental implants include:-

  • Dental implants look and feel natural just like the patient’s own teeth as they are implanted directly into the jawbone.  
  • Improved speech as dental implants allow patients to speak without the worry that the teeth might slip.
  • Dental implants eliminate the discomfort of removable dentures as they are more comfortable.
  • Dental implants function like natural teeth. They allow a patient to eat comfortably without slippage and pain.
  • Dental implants do not require any alterations to surrounding teeth for a tooth supported bridge. Natural healthy teeth are therefore kept intact.
  • Individual tooth implant function like a natural tooth, allowing for normal cleaning.
  • Dental implants are designed to last for as long as they are properly maintained.
What precautions should I take before the surgery?

Prior to a treatment procedure, strict protocols are followed to ensure our patient’s health and safety:

  • Patients are to eat and drink non-alcoholic fluids as usual before all procedures.  Do not miss breakfast.
  • Patients on medication should consume them as usual.
  • An antibiotic prescription will be provided to be consumed approximately an hour before an implant placement appointment.  Allergies will have to be made known to the dental team and surgeon during the initial consultation.
  • All other medication required, and all further instructions will be provided when the patient arrives at the clinic.
How long do implants last?
  • Dental Implants are durable and with proper care and maintenance, will last for many years. 
  • It is important to note though that the manufacturers of the implant are an important consideration, as it will be easier to source for replacement parts with reputable brands.
When can I resume my normal activities?
This will depend on the general constitution of the patient and how the procedure went, patients are generally advised to take 2 to 3 days off of exercising, jogging, playing sports or other activities that would cause the implant site any discomfort.
What is the success rate for dental implants?
The success of dental implant treatment varies according to  such as the location where the implants are placed, the patient’s general health, after care of wounds after surgery. However, dental implants have a success rate of 98%. With proper care, ,they are designed to last a lifetime.
How much do Dental Implants cost?
These are some factors that will affect the cost of your dental implant procedure:-
  1. Brand of Dental Implant
  2. The research and reliability of the chosen brand
  3. The material chosen for the implant and crown
  4.  Any adjunct procedures that will be required to ensure the success of the procedure 
  • Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents may use their Medisave to partially finance the surgical portion of their treatment, our experienced front desk team will be able to help advise further processing for claims.
  • Patients will need to check with their Insurance Advisors on the coverage for dental implants on their insurance policies.

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